Welcome to the Middlebury Union Cemetery.

We are located just off of Route 249, approximately 1 mile west of Keeneyville in the north-central part of Tioga County, PA. 

The Middlebury Union Cemetery is made up of Sections identified by Letters (Section A, Section B, etc.). 

Our Cemetery dates back to the early 1800's and has many interesting features, including a veteran of the War of 1812.  During the mid-to-late 1970's, Middlebury Union Cemetery made room for the transfer of graves from a cemetery near Holiday (Route 287) which was removed to make way for the Ives Run Dam Federal Project. These graves reside in Section F.

The original portion of the Cemetery is known simply as "Old Part" and has some of the oldest graves of the first families to be buried in the Cemetery.  While Elias Keeney, founder of Keeneyville, is buried in Kentucky, a monument honoring him is found amongst the Keeney Family in this Section.

A new feature of this web site is our Memorial Pages. You can honor a loved one with his or her very own web page consisting of a bio and pictures. These Memorial Pages not only memorializes someone special, but also help support this web site and the Cemetery in general. Memorial Pages can be renewed on an annual basis. Go HERE to learn more.

Please visit our Bulletin Board as you enter or exit the Cemetery, as it has a map containing information on where each section of the Cemetery is located.  There is also pertinent information about scheduled Clean-Up dates, contact information about the Board of Directors, and a complete set of Rules & Regulations are posted on the back of the Bulletin Board.

You can also bookmark and browse these web pages periodically for updates.

As always, your donations are greatly appreciated as they allow us to provide extra repairs and upkeep beyond our regularly scheduled mowings. Donations may be made by check or we accept on-line donations in the form of credit cards via PayPal. Please click on the Donate Now link at the top of this page to make your donation today.